Meet Our Staff…

Our teaching staff is comprised of accomplished Irish Dancers and Certified Instructors who teach and coach focusing on each dancer’s personal growth and development. We provide inspiring instruction and encouragement to instill a love of Irish dance, create team players and coachable lifelong champions with the self-confidence to achieve their goals individually and as a team.


Sophia Wyzgowski, TCRG

Founder/Artistic Director


Mary Kate Alexander, TCRG

Assistant Director


Hannah LaMendola

Dance Instructor/Dance Captain

What does T.C.R.G. stand for?

A certified Irish dance teacher is known as a T.C.R.G. which is the abbreviation for the Gaelic Teagascóir Choimisiúin le Rinci Gaelacha.  Most people, especially outside of Ireland, never learn how to properly pronounce that lovely Gaelic way of saying "certified Irish dance teacher", so saying "T.C.R.G." is more common when referring to Irish dance teachers.

What does it mean to be a T.C.R.G.? 

It means that the person has sat before a panel of examiners for their Irish dance teacher's exams and passed those exams showing their knowledge of and ability to execute and teach both traditional and more modern Irish dance steps.  That person is then recognized as a certified Irish dance teacher by an international Irish dance governing body, such as the World Irish Dance Association (W.I.D.A), that organizes national and world competitions allowing the school’s pupils to participate.

Teacher Training Program

At Shannon, we offer the opportunity for our dancers to become fully certified instructors through our ‘Teacher Training Program’. We supply our dance instructors with the material and
experiences needed to pass their Grade and TCRG Exams. We are proud to produce strong confident dancers and community leaders that will mentor and coach the next generation of Irish dancers.