+ How old does my child need to be to start Irish dance classes?

Children can start as young as 3 years old in our Wee Ones class, specifically geared towards preschool aged dancers. For children aged 5 and up they start in our Beginner program where they learn much the same that the Wee Ones do, but at a quicker pace along with the basic steps and dances required for entering their first feis (competition).

+ Do you offer Irish Dance for Adults?

Yes! We offer classes for adults 18 years old and up with little to no dance experience. If you’ve danced before we have a class for you too!

+ Where and when can I register?

Our dance classes run all year round with additional summer classes and camps available throughout the year. Registration for the 2019 dance year is now available. Open Enrollment for:

Fall Term - Accepting new enrollees through November 2019 for the Fall Term.

Enroll Now!

+ Can my child try out a class before registering?

Yes! You can give Irish dance a try without the long-term commitment by registering for our Intro to Irish Dance 6-week Session. Enroll Now!

+ What does my child need to wear and bring to class?

Please bring a water bottle and notebook. Hair should be neatly pulled back from the face. Shannon dancers are required to wear a SIDAGEAR shirt in any style, black shorts, and poodle socks or black socks for boys. Dancers should purchase a pair of Irish soft shoes second hand or from our Irish dance supplier at Rutherford Shoes and Accessories. We will let you know when your child requires hard shoes, which are also available new or second hand.

+ How much is tuition?

We have an annual family registration fee of $50. For tuition pricing, please contact us.

+ What is a FEIS?

A feis (pronounced fesh) or feiseanna (plural), is an Irish term meaning traditional Gaelic arts & culture festival and is commonly used for referring to Irish dance competitions. Though many feiseanna include language, writing, music and soda bread competitions, the focus is on Irish dancing.

+ Will my child compete?

Shannon is a unique and modern Irish dance school that strives to offer the perfect balance of performance and competition. Feiseanna are a huge part of the complete Irish dance experience, history, and culture. Competition can provide an excellent way for dancers to gauge their improvement, boost their confidence, learn the value of hard work, meet dancers from fellow schools, and TRAVEL! Once we feel a dancer is ready for their first feis we will inform you.

+ Will my child be able to perform?

Yes! Even within the first year of dance, all dancers will have the opportunity to take part in our original production of An Irish Nutcracker held each year in December. They will also get the option to perform at various events with our performance company. Performing is an excellent way for children to gain confidence on the stage, tap into their creative side, and have fun!

+ Can I observe classes?

We do not allow parents in the dance room because we find that it distracts the dancers from the task at hand. Dancers are more focused on the teacher and will perform better with fewer people in the room. Dance is also about learning independence. You will see your dancer grow so much in confidence from their dance classes. Parents will get opportunities throughout the year to see their dancer perform at recitals, feiseanna, and other dance events. We thank you for your understanding!