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Intro to Irish Dance

Come join us for a 6-week Spring Session intro to the Shannon Irish Dance Academy! This intro to Irish dance will teach children the basics of Irish dance and culture along with introducing the importance of teamwork, discipline, respect for others and resiliency. Shannon takes the time to develop each student, showing them how to set goals and how to reach those goals step by step, all the while nurturing their passion and instilling self-confidence through Irish dance. It is the unique balance between our solo, team, competitive and performance programs that sets our students up for success in all facets of life!

No previous dance experience necessary!

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Céad Míle Fáilte!

The Shannon Irish Dance Academy is proud to perpetuate the traditions and culture of Ireland in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We are the only accredited school with certified Irish dance instructors through the World Irish Dance Association in northern Oakland County.

We believe that anyone can learn Irish dance regardless of age or level and as such, offer classes for students aged 3 years old to adults and everyone in between. We believe in teaching self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, respect for others, and grace under pressure; skills that will carry on in all facets of life. Our welcoming team of dancers, families, and teachers help to develop a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Shannon offers both competitive and performance programs in this traditional art form that has come to us from across the Atlantic. Dancers in our programs are given unique opportunities to compete and perform, not only nationally, but around the world. We provide each dancer with the means and support needed to compete and perform at the peak of their ability. It is our balanced approach to solo, performance, and team dancing that leads our dancers to their greatest successes on and off the dance floor.

Shannon Irish Dance Academy Achievements

Our Shannon soloist and team dancers have achieved incredible success winning numerous titles and awards at local, national, and international competitions. Some of our major championship titles include…

2018 U.S. Open National Championships


  • Reegan Coran – 1st 2X U9 Girls National Champion!!

  • Hannah LaMendola – 1st U16 National Champion!!

  • Mina Cuenca – 4th U9 Girls!

  • Reese Mallon – 6th U16!

  • Victoria Lines – 5th U25!

  • Maggie Rohweder – 4th U35!

  • Kathleen Clinton – 2nd 35&O Senior Ladies!

  • Sarah Haskins – 3rd 35&O Senior Ladies!

2018 World Irish Dance Championships


  • Maggie Rohweder- 14th U30 Ladies

2018 International Championships 


  • Reegan Coran – 2nd U9 Girls

  • Mina Cuenca – 8th U9 Girls

  • U10 2 Hand – 1st Winning Team!!

  • O30 2 Hand – 4th

2017 U.S. Open National Championships


  • Reegan Coran – 1st U8 Girls National Champion!!

  • Mina Cuenca – 6th U8 Girls

  • Kathleen Clinton – 3rd O21 Senior Ladies

  • Maggie Rohweder – 4th O21 Senior Ladies

  • Victoria Lines – 5th O21 Senior Ladies

  • Sarah Haskins – 7th O21 Senior Ladies

  • Carolyn Moss – 9th O21 Senior Ladies


  • U14 2 Hand – 3rd

  • U10 3 Hand – 3rd

  • O30 3 Hand – 1st Winning Team!!

2017 World Irish Dance Championships


  • Kathleen Clinton – 8th O40 Senior Ladies

2017 International Championships


  • Reegan Coran – 3rd U8 Girls

  • Mina Cuenca – 5 th U8 Girls


  • U10 2 Hand – 4th

  • O30 2 Hand – 2nd

  • O30 2 Hand – 4th

  • O30 3 Hand – 2nd

  • O30 4 Hand – 1st Winning Team!!

2016 European Championships


  • Kathleen Clinton – 9th O40 Senior Ladies

Hannah LaMendola & Reegan Coran 2018 U16 & U9 US Open National Champions!!

Hannah LaMendola & Reegan Coran
2018 U16 & U9 US Open National Champions!!