Chloe Toward

Dance Instructor

Seeing Irish dancers at Raglan Road in Disney Springs at the ripe age of 14, Chloe knew it was something she wanted to try for herself. Months later, she was enrolled at Shannon Irish Dance Academy under Sophia Wyzgowski, TCRG. She has found her true passion in Irish Dance, whether it be the dancing itself, performing, or helping to teach it. Chloe has competed in various feiseanna all over the United States and Canada and has been performing with the Shannon Irish Dance Company since 2016. She has also performed in lead roles for An Irish Nutcracker.

Throughout her competitive career, Chloe has taken a mass quantity of victories in her dances, competing both in solos and teams, and won numerous premierships. She has also found the most amazing group of friends amongst her fellow teachers and classmates, whom she frequently competes with and performs alongside. 

In the classroom, Chloe tries to create a positive working environment, where everyone learns at their own pace. She also believes in keeping things under control and is known to be rather strict to bring everyone to their max potential. Chloe teaches all ages and levels from the Wee Ones to Primary and tries to cater to each student's individual needs to become the best dancer they can be.